Nau mai │ Welcome

At Whāia Legal, we have a vision for the future that is informed by the way that we see the world – through a uniquely Māori lens.

We offer tailored legal services that look to the past to address the challenges of the future.

We meet our clients where they are and provide easy to understand, solutions focused advice on complex issues.

We are listeners, thought-leaders, collaborators and trusted advisors.

E Tipu, E Rea │ Our Story

Whāia Legal was founded in July 2018 by Horiana Irwin-Easthope. Maia Wikaira joined as a Director in December 2018. As directors of Whāia Legal, Horiana and Maia are continuing their working relationship, which has spanned their legal careers, and has its roots in life-long whānau connections.

With educator-parents as first teachers, both Maia and Horiana were fortunate to have an up-bringing grounded in mātauranga Māori. This fostered a passion for learning, a deep sense of connection to their whakapapa and identity, and a drive to advance the aspirations of whānau, hapū and iwi across the board.

Their passion for life-long learning has seen Maia and Horiana each pursue opportunities to expand their knowledge, including through US-based Masters degrees in Law; Horiana at Harvard Law School, and Maia at Stanford Law School.

These rich experiences form the platform for Whāia Legal.

Ratonga │ Services

Mō Mātou │ Profiles

Maia Wikaira

Tumuaki | Director

+64 27 646 7797


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Horiana Irwin-Easthope

Tumuaki | Director

+64 21 931 932


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Mihiarangi Piripi

Tumuaki Whakarae | Managing Director

+64 20 4155 2206


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Tai Ahu

Tumuaki | Director


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Kate Tarawhiti

Amo Ture Matua | Senior Associate


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Josie Te Rata

Amo Ture | Associate


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Toni Love

Pou Ture Matua | Senior Solicitor


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Annelise Samuels

Maihi Ture | Law Clerk

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